Posted by: trickyguy | September 9, 2008

Hillary instead of Biden: DUHHHH!

Did anyone see the comment on from Ed Rollins who ran Reagan’s political machine that he thinks that Obama made a huge mistake in not picking Hillary as his running mate?

While it doesn’t seem to me to take a mental giant to make that comment, two real questions come up.  Why hasn’t anyone else of national standing said that?  AND, perhaps more importantly, why DIDN’T Obama choose her?

I talked with some friends, always a good source or moderately poor information, they all think she was/is too strong and would have overpowered Obama.  Oh so what?

Hey you can work that stuff out later.  If Obama loses it doesn’t really matter how hard Hillary would have been to contain.

Oh, and he didn’t choose just anyone.  After totally campaigning against McCain’s “Washington Insider” status, he chose a guy with at least that many beltway connections.

I’ll admit it, I am a Republican, have been all my life.  But to say that I am disgusted with the party is an understatement.  I wanted a real choice; I could have easily voted for the Dems.

Now I have a choice of Outsider for Pres / Machine Politician for Veep on the Democratic side and Machine Politician for Pres / Outsider for Veep on the Republican side.

Jeez this sucks.


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