Posted by: trickyguy | September 9, 2008

Using the US Navy: Where should it be??

Did you read how the Navy is being used to deliver humanitarian supplies to Georgia (the one in the Caucasus, not the one next to Florida)?  It’s right under the Russians’ noses (quite close, actually, to their huge base at Sevastopol), and it’s pissing them off.  In fact, many have said that the US-Russia relationships are the worst since the end of the Cold War.

I ask: why is it necessary to use Navy ships for this (unless you are trying to make the Russians mad — hmmm)?

Maybe you’ve also been following stories about Somali pirates hijacking merchant ships of many nations in the waters between Somalia and Yemen.  In fact, it’s happened so much that Canada (yep, peaceful, mind their own business Canada) is sending a warship there to protect international shipping.  That’s not all.

The Royal Malaysian Navy is sending three warships there for the same purpose.  (OK, maybe I am leaving out that three of the ships hijacked have been theirs).  You can add that to that the US, British, French, Pakistani, and Indian warships already patrolling the area.

OK, now to my point.  Why can’t the US use other, non-military vessels for a humanitarian mission to Georgia and send everything we’ve got down to kick some pirate butt in Somalia?

You say you don’t care?  You wonder how it affects you?

This area of the ocean is the southern exit for vessels passing through the Suez canal.  For those of you weak in geography, the alternative is to go around the southern tip of Africa.

And, just like your car, merchant shipping is insured by huge firms like Lloyd’s of London.  When they have to pay claims in situations like this, ALL their rates go up.  I trust that you can look up how many products that the US gets come via ocean freight.

It’s not hard to figure out that it’s in our best interest to redirect the sailors to what they do best — aiming their guns at bad guys.

Heck, our relatively pacifistic friends up north figured this one out.


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