Posted by: trickyguy | September 17, 2008

Sarah’s TrooperGate

Now I hear that the Alaska Republicans are trying to squelch the investigation into whether Sarah Palin improperly fired the Public Safety Commissioner.  They are saying it is politically motivated.

When I first heard about the investigation, I understood that it was requested by both Republicans and Democrats.  Did anyone else hear that or have relevant information?



  1. Yes, the decision to proceed with the investigation was a bipartisan one. A Republican from her own home town of Wasilla voted to proceed with the investigation.

    Gee, all this talk from the Palin camp about truth and “transparency” and SUDDENLY, when it comes to her own abuse of power, we get a stonewall cover-up that Dick Cheney and KKKarl Rove would be proud of.

    The audacity of the lies is truly astounding!
    “Shake up Washington” but don’t let the truth out about yourself.
    You have to wonder how stupid they think the voters are.

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