Posted by: trickyguy | September 22, 2008

Free Campaign Advice

To our Republican and Democratic candidates for President, some free advice:

I believe that in the midst of a faltering economy (a huge increase in unemployment, slowest rate of new home construction since the 1960’s, major financial institutions failing nearly weekly), Americans want more than rhetoric and nasty television ads for a candidate to earn their vote.

Both candidates have focused on why their opponent is a poorer choice or what the current adminstration has done wrong.  In ordinary times, these are valid points; things worth talking about.

These ain’t ordinary times.  Heck, if they were, we’d still be focused on the war(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan and what we should or should not be doing there.  (It’s ALL that was being discussed just two months ago.)

But now things are different.  People are wondering what the candidates would DO about the economy if elected President.  Not what Bush et al have done wrong, not what’s wrong with the bail-out plan, but what better ideas they might have.

Everyone knows it’s easier to criticize someone else’s plan than it is to craft one of your own and offer it up for critique.

If either party wants my vote, they’d better stop taking the easy way out and show some leadership by telling me what they would do.



  1. Ready to argue with the themes of education-all. All the same, you can very well write about it

  2. Not so sure what this has to do with the post you commented on, but you are welcome to comment anyway.

    Sure I think education is important. There are lots of important things for the new adminstration to do.

    I’d just like to hear what their plans are.

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