Posted by: trickyguy | September 30, 2008

“Immoderate” Moderation

As kind of a newby on WordPress, I thought that when you submitted a comment and saw the phrase “awaiting moderation” that the Gods at WordPress were checking to make sure it wasn’t slanderous or obscene.

Wow, I was wrong.  It turns out (and probably most of you know this), that the actual person doing the moderation is the blog author.  If you think carefully about it, this gives the person the absolute and unregulated ability to decide which comments on their blog they will allow to be posted/viewed.

That seems totally against the idea of blogs as far as I am concerned.  I’d always thought blogs were a forum where ideas could be freely discussed and the “back and forth” seen by everyone.  But, on WordPress, “moderation” is really self-serving censorship of the worst kind.  No one moderates or regulates what a blog author posts — that’s as one would expect and how it should be.  But boy, if you get a reply you don’t agree with — bam — off to the cooler with that one.

What phoney, one-sided, self serving communication.  I am still trying to decide whether to “out” the specific author and blog post that I tried (honestly and cleanly, but not in agreement) to comment on.  Twice I have tried to make reasonable comments, but it seems the author is looking for someone in agreement.  (I say get a puppy dog for that.  It’s certainly not communication.)

Hey, does anyone have thoughts on this?  Am I missing something here?

If no one gives me a good reason why I shouldn’t, I will use my blog to post a comment to the other author’s blog post and provide the link to that blog in my post.  That way the “moderation”…, well let’s just say I will have unmoderated it.


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