Posted by: trickyguy | October 11, 2008

Governor Palin Abused Her Power

After responding to a gentleman’s blog that attempts to say somehow that the report vindicates Mrs. Palin, I realized I should post on this — heck it’s likely he won’t let my response pass through moderation.  That’s seems to be a habit of quite a few bloggers on WordPress.

Folks, don’t try to look for hidden meaning in the words.  Don’t stand behind an official determination that nothing illegal was done.  Don’t spout that the governor has the right to fire staff members.

Plain and simple: Sarah Palin abused her power as governor when she attempted to influence a member of her staff for personal reasons.  Whether that was illegal or not isn’t the issue; it was wrong.

If you were teaching an ethics class, you would not hesitate to brand such behavior as official misconduct.  If you were painting a picture of an ideal national leader, you would not even consider such a person.

Perhaps the report and investigation were politically motivated.  So what?  If you plan to be on the political stage, you’d better be prepared to explain and justify as proper your actions, past and present.  You signed up for that inspection by choosing to enter politics.

And frankly, I think Alaskans and Americans have a right to expect conduct from their leaders that is above reproach — not merely legal.


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