Posted by: trickyguy | October 16, 2008

Do I Hear An Echo?? We’ve Got No Leadership

Wow, if you read my September 9th post at, boy I look smart.  Or, maybe, our presidential candidates look slow and out of touch.

On 10/14, Mr. Obama and the dems unveiled a package of initiatives to help the middle class.  It contains some of the very things I proposed more than a month ago.  And, it comes after a month and a half of the worst financial disaster in the US since the Great Depression.

Where were they?  Heck, we still haven’t heard a proposal from McCain except that he would buy bad mortgages — and that proposal is dearly lacking specifics.

Folks, I am not an economist, I am an engineer.  There are lots of darn smart economists in the US and around the world.  My ideas are such common sense that I am sure all of them have already thought of them.

So why haven’t our candidates for “most powerful person on earth” talked to these experts?  Why does it take a nearly worldwide financial collapse to coax some proposals out of one campaign, almost nothing out of the other, and not a damn detail between them?  (Really I do know the answer, I just have to vent more first.)

Are you kidding me?  These are the best folks we’ve got to pick from to run the country?  These are what pass for leaders, commanders-in-chief?

No they’re not leaders.  They’re talking heads.  They are far, far more adept at spewing sound bites than they are putting forth concrete proposals.  Why?  Because it is easier to criticize someone else’s idea than it is to put forth one of your own.  Heck, if you make a proposal, someone, somewhere, might disagree with it.  Oh, but not if all you do is point the finger at the other guy/gal and hold forth on what they did wrong.

It’s the candidates and Washington; it’s both parties; it’s the system.  Our government has failed us, and, since it is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, we have failed ourselves.

Tell your neighbor when he loses his job, your father who lost more than a third of his retirement, your son and his new wife who cannot buy a house, your best friend who cannot start a new business; tell them you’re damn sorry.

We, Americans, fell asleep at the switch.  We saw our credit card debt skyrocketing, teenagers with credit cards for God’s sake.  We saw folks who couldn’t really afford a house get a mortgage.  We saw folks borrow against their home to live a lifestyle that was beyond their means.  And for those few who didn’t actually take part in these things, we just turned our head when we really knew something was wrong.

Yep, the bubble burst.  And I damn sure want to blame our government.  I want to know why something wasn’t done about it.  And then I have to be honest and say that I did nothing about it; that you did nothing about it; that we failed ourselves.  There’s a saying, “if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”.  Indeed.


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