Posted by: trickyguy | October 23, 2008

Now He Faults Bush

McCain has finally decided, just before the election, that he really doesn’t support Bush’s policies on a variety of things.  Check out this link: for the laundry list of things John doesn’t agree with Bush about.

What hypocrisy!  Where was he for eight years?  Did he all of a sudden get religion as he realizes that America packs him in the same box as Bush and his policies?  Did he realize that he’s going to lose because he talked about being a maverick, but really differs only marginally from Bush?

How dumb does he think Americans are?  As far as I can see, John is a maverick only in his (stupid) choice of running mate and how he would have handled the Iraq War.  Frankly, I don’t support his position on either of those, so I don’t think this late change of course will get him my vote.

If he was really a maverick, really against Bush’s policies, I would have expected an eight year record of speaking out against the President.  Documented votes against the President’s legislation; bills he sponsored that would have turned the nation in a different direction.

For my money, John’s self-placed label of maverick is just PR to distance himself from an unpopular president.  His recent criticism of Bush is just as transparent and too damn late anyway.


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