Posted by: trickyguy | November 3, 2008

It’s All Over for GW, Republicans

Check out the following link.  It’s about the truth that President Bush is poison to the Republican Party.  He is losing the party votes right and left; he is driving away prospective party members; he has cost us this election.

As a life-long Republican, I have to say that the sitting president represents me more poorly that a half dozen Democrats I can name.

Unlike many bloggers on WordPress, I will not blindly bend to the words of conservative writers.  I am the last moderate.  I actually think.

I know the economy is a mess.  I believe that the war in Iraq has gone on too long and has been grossly mismanaged.  I think Dick Cheney’s ties to Halliburton and other companies servicing Iraq at the expense of the American taxpayer are nothing less than criminal.  My intellect tells me that George Bush’s continuous gaffes on foreign affairs and generally cowboy mentality have hurt American standing in the word community more than any administration in memory.

Sure, the stubborn continue to be stubborn.  The right is still far right of center and far right of reality.  There is positive delight in some that Sarah Palin is as unbelievably conservative as she is.  Many still seek the glory days of the Republican Party.

I am here to tell you that those days are gone, way gone.  You listened to Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh for too long; you lost touch, you are part of the past.

I yearn for the days of moderation, discourse, negotiation, and compromise.  (And, that last word is not a dirty word: it is part of politics, get over it.)

Iraq, Guantanamo, Abu Gharib, Halliburton, Weapons of Mass Destruction, the draft dodger war record.  I am tired of it all.

Those of you who read this: you may not care, but our party has a problem.  It does not represent what Americans want, what Americans need, what Americans are today.  We are going to lose good people because we talk when we should listen, we exclude when we should include, and we focus on politics when we should focus on government.

Those of you who read this may not care, but our party is close to losing me as a member and with it, my vote.  After you lose this election, blame all you want.  But you will have lost, and my vote was one that went against you.





  2. My allowing this comment to pass through moderation is proof that I hate censorship and respect the opinions of others, no matter how much I disagree with them.

    Follow the link to Nancy’s page. Read the post, and then read the comments — one of which is mine.

    If it doesn’t scare you that some (alleged) Americans feel this way, then you’re not really paying attention.

    Clearly Nancy is intelligent and has done her research.

    Then why, you might ask, is she so far off-base? She’s concentrating on what someone did 40 years ago; what someone’s father did; who might be on what board.

    If everyone were prosecuted for the associations or actions of one of their acquaintences, or for those of their father, I daresay the jails would be damn crowded. And they’d be crowded with people who are not guilty of anything.

    Yep, Nancy took her eye off the ball. Since she can’t really point to anything bad that Obama did, since she can’t tell us what she disagrees with that he plans to do, she resorts to a campaign to smear him through the actions of his ancestors and associates.

    One does not have to look very hard to find very, very troubling links in Dick Cheney’s background and George Bush’s background. And, not a damn one of them is 40 years old (oh, except GW’s cocaine use).

    I think John McCain is a lot closer to many of these things than Barack Obama is to the actions of the Weather Underground that occured before he was in grade school.

    Anyway, the nation has spoken and I truly, truly hope that intelligent folks like Nancy will participate in moving America forward, not tearing it down further.

    As to some of those who responded to her post, I truly hope you’ve chosen not to have children so that we can look forward to a society with fewer idiots in the gene pool.

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