Posted by: trickyguy | November 9, 2008

An Uphill Climb, We Can Do It With Obama

It has been along time since I have had the hopeful outlook for the future that I do now.

As a life-long Republican, I have been dissappointed time and again by what has become of the party of Lincoln. I have been frustrated, along with our friends overseas, with America’s shift toward arrogance and impudence. I have lost patience with an ignorant and hands-off approach to our economic woes. I, like many Americans, chose the claim of change over the perception of more of the same.

But now is the time to turn words into actions. Historically that has been hard to do. The realities of pushing legislation through Congress and finding a way to pay for it often trim the herd of new ideas quite significantly.

Nonetheless, this is a time of hope and great expectations. The president-elect is unlike any man who has ever held the office, and that is not a comment on the color of his skin, rather (to steal a line) it is on the content of his character.

He seems to be the most wonderful combination of Kennedy and Wilson; daring and pragmatic; invigorating and calm.

Yes, we expect a lot. This is a nation that has underachieved on its potential for too long. It is time to again show others who we are and what we can do.


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