Posted by: trickyguy | November 9, 2008

Don’t Blame Palin

Although I’ve gone on record as not being a Sarah Palin supporter, and not having supported Senator McCain’s choice of running mate, I must come to her defense as she is becoming the scapegoat of choice for those seeking to lay blame for the Republican’s loss on someone or anyone.

Sarah Palin was not a good addition to the ticket, but she helped distance the ticket from Mr. Bush’s very damaging coattails.  She bolstered support among the far right conservatives, balancing out some of their distaste in McCain.  She brought along about as many women as the Republican ticket could have expected.

Her well-publicized verbal gaffes were no worse than those Sen. McCain made.  And they both made too many.  Despite having written negatively about it here, her $150K wardrobe upgrade was no more of a factor than McCain not knowing how many houses he owned.  Face it, no one’s ever accused the Republican Party of being very grounded in the concerns of the common man.

No, in the end, you can blame two things (OK, maybe three) for the Democratic landslide.

First, the failures of the Bush administration are just too hard for Republican candidates to separate themselves from.  Call McCain a maverick, call him the most bipartisan of all senators (I don’t personally buy either one), he couldn’t get far enough away from the Bush disaster to keep it from seriously damaging him.

Second, the economy chose a bad time to collapse for the Republicans.  Blame who you want, again I have written here often about it.  But for sure voters saw Republicans as at fault, and they couldn’t see how McCain’s policies were going to be that different from those of the Bush administration.

And last, I have to give credit to Obama.  He came across as silky smooth.  He looked questioners and his opponent right in the eye.  He was well-prepared in the debates.  In both those events and in campaign stops, he stayed on message — whether you liked his message or not.  He seemed, well, presidential.

Nope, don’t blame Palin.  Do get to work on refining and adding relevance to the party’s message.  Don’t be sore losers.  Don’t predict doom and gloom from an Obama presidency.  Do collaborate with the Democrats to craft the best possible policies.

If you can’t or won’t, then you’ll have lost this life-long Republican as a member of your party, and you’ll guarantee a democratic majority for years to come.



  1. I must agree. Sarah Palin was not the reason that John McCain lost. He could have chosen Jesus as his running mate and still would have lost the election.

    The latest data shows that fewer registered Republicans voted in this election than in the last two. Some id not like McCain and his willingness to throw aside traditional Conservative values.

    Others, figured that there was no way he could get any of his agenda passed with a Democratic majority controlling both houses of Congress. They felt it was best to show the American public what Liberal policies would do to the country in hopes of taking back the Senate and House in the future.

    Unfortunately, that plan is bound to take at least a decade to come to fruition. I figure the Democrats and the mainstream Liberal media will have a good eight years of blaming the Bush administration for the country’s continued and worsening economic decline before the tide starts to turn. By then the third Democratic term will have started.

  2. So what you’re saying is that, for a variety of reasons, many Republicans chose not to vote? Well then, I guess they have no right to complain about the result then do they?

    Instead of sitting on the sidelines, sniping at the new administration, do you think there’s a chance they’ll actually work with the Democrats to help solve some of the nation’s problems?

    Seems from your writing like you don’t think so; that you think the next ten years will be some grand experiment to show the nation that the Democrats can’t govern the country well (because the Republicans have done such a great job over the last eight years, of course).

    What a pity. What a small minded bunch of losers. What poor citizens.

    For sure, Obama and his adminstration have huge problems to tackle. Blame them on whomever you want — but they are there nonetheless.

    I would just think that we would all be interested in seeing them solved. And I know that the more folks working on solutions, the higher quality of solution we are likely to see.

    And I also know that if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  3. […] Don’t Blame Palin …a factor than McCain not knowing how many houses he owned.  Face it, no one’s ever accused the Republican Party of being very grounded in the… […]

  4. Trickyguy – Actually I posted an article at about 2:00 AM following the Obama victory and wishing him well in the best interests of this country (Congratulations To President-elect Obama). I did, however, say that I would exercise my right to be respectfully critical.

    Unfortunately, far too many Liberals have been all-too disrespectful in their language pertaining to the current president. I would love to see how those mightier-than-thou naysayers would react when presented with the non-stop barrage of decision that are critical to the nation’s security.

    I also find it sadly amusing that so many have endowed the president, in their own minds, with powers and control that he does not possess. The Executive Branch has the power over the accelerator; Congress steers the ship!

    My point was that many Conservatives (what used to be the Republican Party) had expressed the view that McCain would be able to accomplish nothing with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

    It seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, however, for you to imply that the Democrats have done such a bang-up job of working with Republicans over the past decade.

    I agree with your position, however, that anyone who chose not to vote, has no right to criticize the government. I believe it was the rock band Rush in the song “Free Will” who said “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

  5. While you’re entitled to your opinion, I do not believe I implied that the Democrats have done a great job of working with the Republicans and the administration over the last few years.

    But at the risk of reminding you of something you know: for six of GW’s eight years in office, the Republicans did not need the Democrats to work with them because they held a majority in Congress. Thus, for six of the last eight years, the President’s party held both throttle and helm.

    However, I would be a liar if I did not admit utter dissappointment in what little the Democrats have accomplished in the last two years of Bush’s term. Truthfully I couldn’t say whether that’s because they did not work well with the Republicans, or if it was the other way around. In either case, our government failed us for the last eight years, and frankly that record speaks for itself.

    Lastly, I am offended by your characterization of the Republican Party as conservatives. I am a life-long Republican and am a confirmed moderate.

    I would say that Republicans are generally more conservative than Democrats, but that’s about as far as I would go. The shift toward the right, started by Reagan, but greatly accelerated by Gingrich, has nearly killed the party by alienating potential new members among the young and minorities, and pushing away moderates like me.

    You may like it, but the Republican Party is turning into a party of old, white, devoutly Christian men that is out of touch with what concerns this country and the rest of the world.

    It is not even recognizable as the party of Lincoln anymore. And that’s a tragedy.

    (By the way. I would like to comment on the quality of your writing. It is much, much better than most who blog on WordPress, and it makes it easy to focus on your point — whether I agree with it or not.)

  6. Trickyguy – I miswrote (not a word, but what the heck. I mean, if Clemmons can get away with “misremembered” …) my statement about Republicans formerly being Conservatives. I meant to say “who used to be part of the Republican Party.” (See … shows what a great judge of writers you are!)

    One of the things that turns me off most about the Republican Party, is the influence that Conservatives (particularly the religious Right) have on the platform regarding abortion.

    Although I may have my own views as to whether or not I believe in abortion, I don’t see it as my right to dictate one way or another to someone else what they must do at a very confusing time.

    Forgive my assumption of your implication by omission. That’s the thing about politics; we all omit things that we know will undermine our arguments.

    Thank you for the kind words regarding my writing. It’s amazing what a public school education can do when coupled with caring parents! Every time I read something that is well written, I learn a little more about how much better I can be.

    One of the two blogs that I provide links to from my own (“Don’t Drink The King’s Wine”) is there solely because it is so well written (his views and mine are not necessarily identical). The other one is from a fourteen-year-old kid who asked very politely for a link and I couldn’t turn him down.

    At the risk of sounding insincere, you are quite the accomplished writer yourself!

    Finally, in defense of the people who write on WordPress (someone’s got to speak up for them), they are far more accomplished at writing than the drivel I saw when I was writing for Helium. I can only, in good conscience, speak for those who write political blogs, however. They are the only ones I read.

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