Posted by: trickyguy | November 10, 2008

A Victory for Blacks? NO, a Victory for Everyone!

It seems that something always comes along to take the shine off the penny, to dissappoint you with an otherwise wonderful thing.  Check out the following link.  It is a CNN story about folks trumpeting Obama’s win as a victory for the black people.  And, to add insult to injury, they’re calling it an act of God.

If I were a member of that church, I would call upon the pastor to be fired.  I would call upon anyone who voted for or against Obama because of the color of his skin to have their right to vote stripped away.  And, I would label a complete idiot anyone who thinks that Obama will succeed or fail as a president based on his race.

How dare you take away the joy of tens of thousands of young people who supported Obama, many voting for the first time, by insinuating that race was a factor in their decision.  Shame on you for labeling as racists the huge majority of Latinos that voted for Obama.  And most of all, I am personally insulted.  I voted for Barack Obama; proudly, because he was the best candidate, and because I feel there is more hope for my children’s future with him in the Oval Office.

I damn sure did not vote for him because he is black, any more than I chose not vote for John McCain because he is white.  That, for me, is a preposterous notion.  It is an insult.  And, it tarnishes one of the most important political events in our nation’s history.

Pastor Caesar-Williams, I am outraged by your comments.  I am ashamed that you associate yourself with my God, he is color-blind.  But in one thing you are right, we’ve got a new family moving into the White House.  However what’s new about them is not their color, but rather their ideas.


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