Posted by: trickyguy | November 21, 2008

Best and Brightest; Or Most Clintonesque?

As the officially announced (and leaked) nominations for Barack Obama’s cabinet come out, I find myself in an odd position: I tend to agree with Republican comments that this is not the broad-based, reaching-across-the-aisle cabinet that was promised.  While there are many positions that we’ve heard nothing about yet, I am at least a little disturbed that this seems to be a virtual mirror of the Clinton administration, with a smattering of other democrats thrown in.

Put more bluntly, I did not vote for Obama to put Bill/Hillary Clinton back into the White House.  I suspect that most of those who voted for Obama did not either.

We need, and have demanded, change.  That does not simply mean change from the Republican policies of the last eight years; it means change period.  A new way of doing things.  True collaboration and cooperation.  A willingness to throw out every concept of how it has previously been done, and build the right government from scratch.

I am suspicious that the cabinet being formed cannot do that.  I suspect that many of them are at least part of the problem.  They are part of the political machine.  They are partisan.  They work within the system as opposed to advocate for a different one.

Carefully study the background of each key nominee.  I believe that you will have deep concerns as I do.

Barack Obama was elected on a platform of change, reconciliation, healing, working together, becoming the right kind of America again.  I truly hope he does not lose sight of that.  I truly hope does not simply toss away the mandate he has been given in favor of politics as usual.

If he does, the shine will come off this new era with historic rapidity.  And we will have passed by an opportunity of momentous proportions.



  1. Excellent post!!!

  2. I think we are going to get what we deserve with Obama! He is a good motivational speaker but that’s about it. Why are people so surprised that he’s doing what he wants now that he is elected?

  3. Jennifer:

    While we can all speculate, no one knows whether Obama is just a good speaker or represents much more than that.

    Also, I do not question his right to nominate whomever he wants for his cabinet.

    But, if we are to take him at his word, his cabinet would stretch across party lines, and represent the real change that he was elected to lead.

    My post was questioning whether the nominations we’ve seen thus far are in keeping with that.

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