Posted by: trickyguy | December 21, 2008

Dirty Dick Cheney: Outgoing Veep

Like the man beating the proverbial dead horse, I must pile onto Dick Cheney one more time.

It’s hard to like the guy.  Shifty look, beady eyes, direct association with many, many contemptible acts while acting as Bush’s hatchet man (along with Rove) — not much to like there.

But if you follow this link, the man refuses to apologize for saying the f-word in the halls of Congress to Patrick Leahy.  In dirty Dick’s interview, he refuses to say it was a mistake because Leahy was on him about Halliburton, and because Leahy had acted disingenuously.

Let’s take those one at a time.  First, Leahy was on him about a conflict of interest related to contracts related to reconstruction and supply for the Iraq effort that were mysteriously won by the firm that Cheney is the former CEO of.

Imagine that, a senator from the opposition party having a negative view of an obviously inappropriate contract award.  (Folks, I will not argue here about all the things that have come to light about this contract regarding overpricing, fraud, and so on.  You can read that for yourself.  This part of the post is merely pointing out that dirty Dick is responsible for his actions, and should not be surprised that a leading Democrat was staunchly against Cheney’s involvement in the incident.)

And then, dirty Dick was upset that Leahy could spout a bunch of negative rhetoric in the political arena and then “act as if he’s your best friend”.  Well, it’s my take that Dick mistook professional courtesy and tact for disingenuous behavior.  And, I would not expect him to recognize courtesy and tact when it is displayed, as he has so rarely exhibited it in his own conduct.  And even if Leahy was being two-faced, would it greatly surprise you to hear that stuff happens in Congress?

So dirty Dick uses these as reasons to justify not apologizing for uttering what is perhaps the most profane word in our language, and not in the men’s locker room at the gym, but on the floor of Congress.

Dick, you shame yourself, your administration, your party, and your fellow politicians by your reprehensible conduct.

And the last national politician I recall saying the f-word in public was tricky Dick Nixon.

Wow, Cheney, you’re in great company.  A pair of Dicks: one dirty and one tricky.  And, you’ll guess from my pseudonym, I’d prefer the tricky one.

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  1. Sir!

    You have asserted that our Vice President is a two faced, unprofessional lout who associates with scum. I assure you he is much worse than that.

    Rick (Not Dick) Bean

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