Posted by: trickyguy | January 15, 2009

Sarah Palin: Once More Into The Fray

Folks, just when you thought it was safe to go outside, the losing 2008 vice-presidential candidate, yes that’s right, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, is still jousting with journalists.

See this link:

Yes, if you look carefully at my posts, you will see that I have stated time and again that Mrs. Palin is not why the Republican ticket lost in November.  And that’s still as true as when I wrote it.

But it doesn’t mean I like her; it doesn’t mean I support her; and, it most certainly doesn’t mean I buy “the media used me” line.  Hey, if there ever was consensual sex, this was it.

Palin ate up the limelight, until it ate her up.  Katie Couric did not make her say the stupid stuff she did.  Hey, she came up with plenty of it unprompted at events planned for her by the campaign.  Nope, her frequent gaffes were all her own.

(In fact, she has made the hard-to-believe statement that her campaign handlers erred by putting in front of Couric a few more times after she blew the first interview.  Imagine this: “Press take note, our veep does not grant interview because of the tough questions she gets asked, and because of how thoroughly she blows the answers”.  Yeah right.)

And where was the surprise about media treatment anyway?  Eight years of GW being mercilessly ridiculed for his torture of the English language.  Dan Quayle’s famous spelling abilities.  Richard Nixon’s undisguised contempt for the press.  Hey it hasn’t ever been wine and roses between politicians and the media.  Sarah Palin knew that going in.

In closing the CNN article, there is a very telling comment by a Republican strategist to the effect that between now and 2012 Palin should keep her head down, stay out of the spotlight, and gain a little political maturity.  I haven’t heard better advice in a long time.

Sarah, I probably won’t support you in 2012.  But to avoid me outright laughing at you, please take a hiatus from national politics, run your state, and come back in 2012 with better cue cards.


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