Posted by: trickyguy | January 16, 2009

Democrats Versus Obama, Reid Leads Way

No one ever gets a free pass, although supposedly new presidents get a honeymoon period.  And, you’d think that Obama’s honeymoon would be longer than most, given the democratic majority in both houses.

Well, it’s not working out that way.  And hey, there’s never been a more important time to band together and give the man some support.  After all, he’s got some big issues to work through, and they won’t wait.

So here’s where, in fairness, I must point to a column in CNN by Ruben Navarrette.  Yes, that’s the same Mr. Navarrette that is often roasted in my postings on WordPress.

It’s just that this time, I must say that Mr. Navarrette’s article is spot on — totally.  He’s pointing out the challenges that Obama faces the day he’s sworn in, but that’s not the focus of the article.  Its main thrust, and that of this post, is the (two manufactured words) “pre-sniping” and “pre-obfuscation” of democrats in Congress.

Yep, before Obama’s even drawing a presidential paycheck, they are at their turf-protecting, obstructionist best.  And, why yes, they are led by none other than Harry Reid.  The same Harry Reid that, with Nancy Pelosi, ensured that the democrats really got nothing done the last two years.

It seems every democrat has a point to make.  Senator Feinstein, Rep. Conyers, they all have to go on record as objecting to something Obama has proposed.  And Reid leads the way with a comment I will share later.

But they all miss the point: the electorate, the American people, Joe Plumber, Jane Republican, John Democrat — in other words, their bosses — expect them to work together to get this nation back on the right track.  And we will hold responsible those we find dragging an oar in the water instead of rowing with the rest of the crew.

This is not to say that programs, policies, and plans of Mr. Obama should simply receive a rubber stamp approval.  No one is suggesting that.  However, the pre-whining and pre-sniping has got to stop.  Meet in private, understand what the man is thinking, and craft a compromise.  Do this before you posture publicly like some alpha dog on a playground.

Remember Congress, the only folks with approval ratings nearly as bad as Mr. Bush’s are you.  The American People will not stand for failure now, our nation’s future is at stake.

And, Mr. Reid, responding to Obama’s request to end the standoff regarding the seating of Roland Burris, had this to say: “I don’t work for Barack Obama — I work with him.”  What a team player.  What an ass.

Actually Mr. Reid, you are wrong.  You work for all Americans, and Barack Obama is one of them.  And you, sir, need to do a better job, or get your resume in order.



  1. Actually Congress’ ratings were a fraction of Bush’s.

    I think there’s a power struggle in the government. The basic question is this: Will the Senate leaders submit to a green, freshman senator who happens to be their president?

  2. Truthfully, Obama is everyone’s president and I would imagine that if they fail to work with him, they do so at their own peril.

    Again, not rubber stamp, collaboration.

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