Posted by: trickyguy | January 18, 2009

Pray For Him Or Wish Him Well

Whatever your religion, party, race, or other defining characteristic, please do everything you can to make our new president successful.

America is a great nation in troubled times.  Our economy is in trouble, millions are out of work.  Our sons and daughters are bravely serving and losing their lives in wars far from our shores.  Our environment is threatened as never before.  Our people are endangered by the dark spectre of terrorism.

The nation has spoken and, on Tuesday, it will inaugurate its forty-fourth president, a man who in so many ways represents change.  It is a fact that this man was not elected unanimously.  It is a fact that some are staunchly against his presidency.  But it is a fact, as well, that no one can say that our great nation is without grave challenges.

So, fellow Americans, is it possible to start by laying down our differences for a moment?  In this moment, can we possibly admit that now that Mr. Obama has been elected and will assume the office, that this nation needs him to be successful?  Can we?

Can we acknowledge our differences, yet celebrate our common ground?  Are we Americans first, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents second?  Do we admit there’s work to be done, and that Barack Obama is the man hired for the job?  If we can rise above our differences, if our common needs are greater than our mutual distrust, then our nation can be great again.

No one is suggesting that there should not be opposition.  Dissent is part of our cherished freedom of speech.  It is part of what makes us Americans.

But while we exercise our right to disagree, can we hope he does well?  Can we pray for him or wish him success?

For if he succeeds, we succeed.  If he fails, we fail.


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