Posted by: trickyguy | January 23, 2009

Class vs. Crass (McCain and Palin)

Seems like no matter how hard we try to ignore her, Sarah Palin keeps resurfacing like the proverbial bad penny.  But I can live with that, as long as she is venting on the likes of Katie Couric.  When she takes on a gentleman like her former running mate, that’s worth a post.  Look at the following link to see how, even when he’s being berated by the ever more classless Caribou Barbie, John McCain responds as the true gentleman he is.

Yes, CNN did me the favor of closing comments before I had a chance to respond.  But you can be sure I would not have been kind.  I just cannot stomach her post-election conduct.

Everything I have heard from Palin since the election is about how others screwed things up.  While you can check my post of January 15th for full details, Mrs. Palin even has the gall to suggest that her team should not have put her onto talk programs after the results of the first one.

That’s bad enough, makes her look totally dumb and out of touch with the requirements of the media spotlight that all politicians must endure, but now she’s blaming the campaign itself.  And, in doing so, John McCain.

Not even OK, if you ask me.  Whether or not choosing Palin as a running mate was a good choice for McCain and party, he certainly did her a huge favor in terms of notoriety and recognition on the national stage.  She had her chance to shine, and she blew it.

And it’s not Mrs. Palin’s far right views that I am talking about.  It’s endless verbal gaffes, out and out ignorance of important issues and the world around her, and a combative, defensive nature that goes well beyond admirable feistiness.  Add to that the attack dog style she adopted for the campaign, and it’s hard to find anything to like about her.

She screwed it up.  She got the facts wrong.  She didn’t read the briefing papers.  She was unprepared.  And she blames McCain??

Whether I agree with his politics or not, John McCain is and has been an honorable servant of his constituents in Arizona and of the United States for decades.  He is a decorated war veteran and former prisoner of war.

He has has more class in his little toe than Sarah Palin has in her whole body.  He is a big enough man to work with the new president on the problems facing this nation, after suffering a humiliating election defeat.  And, even after Palin’s criticism of him, he is enough of a gentleman to compliment her.

She is more crass than a drunken crowd of conventioneers.  She’s said nothing about being willing to work in a bipartisan fashion with the new administration.  And she’s stooped low enough to criticize the Republican campaign itself, never once looking inward for fault.

To all those Republicans who so ardently await her candidacy in 2012, I’d recommend Caribou Barbie spend the next four years in a good finishing school.  Then, see if you have a candidate.  And, in the meantime, tell her to leave John McCain alone — she doesn’t have the right to wash his socks.

And, to all those Democrats who wonder if she’ll run in 2012, this lady is the best chance yet for your party to hold onto the White House for many years.


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