Posted by: trickyguy | February 11, 2009

The Latest from Dick Cheney

Dick’s done it again.  Dick Cheney is a blogger’s best friend.  Darn near every time he opens his mouth, it is worthy of comment, and often ridicule.  Follow the link below for an article about Dick’s criticism of some of Obama’s recent decisions.

Dick says that he feels Obama’s decision to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and the other secret CIA prisons, along with ending the torture of prisoners, will make the country less safe.  He goes on in the interview, upon which the CNN article was based, to claim that Bush administration policies kept the country safe from terrorist attack post-9/11.

First of all, Dick is not an expert.  No number of government briefings can make Dick anything other than a big-energy CEO that served as a government hatchet man for eight years.

Second of all, Dick has no proof that the Bush administration actions kept Americans safe in the years after 9/11.  All he can really say with certainty is that no attacks occurred.  Is there any evidence that any were thwarted?  No.  Has the government even claimed that any were?  No.

Last, Dick has no evidence that reversing the policies of torture, incarceration without charge or counsel, and warrantless wiretapping will in any way impact the safety of Americans.  Is there any evidence that closing Guantanamo will increase danger to Americans?  Of course not.  Any such claims are pure speculation.

But what can be said for sure is this: reversal of these policies will return us to being a nation that treats others as it expects to be treated.  It will allow us to occupy the moral high ground once again.  It will show the rest of the world that we realize that when we allow our country to act as those we are fighting, we become no better than they are.

Yes Dick, thanks for speaking out and reminding me why I am so glad that the Bush years are behind us.  No one can say how successful an Obama presidency will be; but any idiot can point to the myriad failures of the administration you were the number 2 man in.


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