Posted by: trickyguy | March 1, 2009

CNN and Gates: Masters of the Obvious

It gets more entertaining to follow CNN every day.  What now passes for news has moved sharply from inane to ridiculous.

Today on CNN there is a short article based on comments by Robert Gates that “Obama is more analytical than Bush”.  For your reference, I will not even provide a link this time.  If you really want to read this drivel, go ahead.

My point is simply this: any idiot can tell, from nearly any angle, that Obama is an extremely intelligent and analytical person.  Bush, on the contrary, as numerous quotes, news stories, and anecdotes have documented, was not.

What was not reported in the article, and what might have added a shred of newsworthiness to the piece, was how this and other differences between the two men changed, from Gates’ unique perspective, how presidential decisions were and are made.

You cannot blame Gates for being circumspect in his comparison of the two men.  It is, after all, what passes for tact in Washington.  You can, however, accurately indict CNN for their lack of good reporting.

In fact, the reason for writing this post was to gore, once again, CNN for their failure to seize a tremendous opportunity to serve us by reporting real news.

Secondarily, and, as one thinks about it, more importantly, such deeper insight into our new president might have afforded a glimmer of hope as the new administration tackles some of the most intractable problems simultaneously faced by a single government in recent memory.

Regardless of your politics, you must admit that how these problems are assessed, what kinds of analyses occur, and how, ultimately, policy decisions are arrived at, are truly important things to know.

Sadly we must all too often rely on what passes for journalism at CNN to get this information to us.


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