Posted by: trickyguy | January 16, 2009

Sour Grapes in Philly

Philadephians, I love your city, really I do.  Great food, wonderful history, good pro sports — pretty cool.

But when you whine because the inaugural train is stopping in your city, but the new president is not holding a public rally in thanks for your support, I gotta call foul.  See the link to a story in your local paper about your neighbors who are miffed at Obama:

You see, they seem to think that by supporting his campaign, they are now entitled to special treatment.  A chance to meet personally with the man, no less.

So just what channel are you guys watching anyway?  The way I see it, thousands worked for Obama’s election across the country.  And thousands were rewarded with a win.

Yep, love Obama following the path of Lincoln, starting in Philadelphia as that great man did.  And I know it’s the city of brotherly love.  But do you have to love him in person, or can you accept doing it from a distance as the great, great majority of Americans will be?

Jeez, I thought Congress was whining enough for all Americans.


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